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34 Days To Ultimate Fulfillment A daily meditative guide to setting intentions that unleash the beautiful, creative and authentic self that lies within. By Jason D Richardson
The Three Pillars The Hit E Book By Inspirational Life Coach Karl Gruber. A Simple 3 Step Process to manifest Positive & Permanent Change In Your Life.

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Are you looking for a positive change in your life? A chance to “Turn the Page”? Then check out Asap Coaching’s 6 week program to do exactly that – TURN THE PAGE for more information about this life changing course, and to register. This is a program that you can do at your own pace, in your own time, to create a happier, more abundant, joyful, and peaceful you!

Here’s what one student had to say about the Asap Coaching “Turn the Page” course…

STUDENT TESTIMONIAL: “It was life changing from the very 1st class to the last. I wrote so much down and try to practice what I’ve learned regularly. The tapping has been a tremendous way of releasing anxiety, frustration with situations that we all struggle with and the support from everyone involved hasn’t stopped even though the class has ended. I’m in contact with most of the participants personally and through Facebook. Without these courses I wouldn’t have made the changes in vibrational attitude that I’ve made. Gratitude and abundance go together.”  – Paul Evans


ASAP Coaching is a service that provides personal coaching to individuals and groups. The client is aware that coaching is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counselling or any other type of therapy.
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