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Adrianne has been married since 1973, she has three amazing sons and four beautiful grand-daughters. Two of her sons are in The Netherlands and one still resides in South Africa. Adrianne and her husband ran their own 12 bedroom Guest House for 10 years but ended up losing everything. In 2005 they moved to the United Kingdom and she discovered the book “The Secret” and she realized that the Law of Attraction had played such a large role in her life and she wanted to fully understand it. Adrianne found Bob Doyle, the Wealth Beyond Reason program and the Boundless living challenge, which led to EFT, Brad Yates and Carol Look. She had found what she had been looking for; a means to empower, teach and guide people.

Adrienne’s goal is to help you lead a healthy, stress free life through the management of diet and thought. She teaches you about nutrient dense foods that your body craves and needs; while clearing mental blocks that are in the way. Her techniques allow you control stress which is the catalyst for most illness. Adrienne’s clients develop a more positive attitude through the use of EFT and The Law of Attraction. She shows you how to access your true greatness – thus empowering you to begin living a healthy, happy and stress free life.

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We Are The "Emergency Response Team" Of Coaching. Certified Law of Attraction Coaches offering Safe, Confidential and Caring Coaching to Shift your Perspective and Enhance your Life.