Linda Vaudeville

linda v propic

Linda Vaudeville, Feminine Empowerment coach

Linda is a Feminine Empowerment coach committed to making a difference in the world by assisting women to optimize their life and transform their relationship with money. She teaches the secrets to increase your Self-Worth and Net-Worth.
As a certified QSCA Law of Attraction Life Coach, a Money Breakthrough Method Coach and a Master Energy therapist, she works with many energy modalities such as Reiki, EFT, Chakra Cleansing, Energy Profiling, Light Body Visualization… Linda guides you to optimize your life and understand your inner GPS, your emotional navigational system. This helps you overcome daily challenges and maintain a better inner harmony.

By connecting, embracing and reclaiming your True Essence you, as a woman, have a better clarity and acceptance of who you are and an action plan/tools to create your best life.

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