Susan Wojtaszek

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Susan Wojtaszek

Susan Wojtaszek is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. She started Inspired Direction in 2014 and specializes in working with clients who are going through a transition in their lives and have the desire to find new beginnings. Susan has helped clients overcome some of the following issues:
• Loss of passion, purpose, or happiness in life
• Loss of a loved one or pet
• Loss of a job/career
• Loss of prosperity resulting in increased debt
• Loss of identity due to changes in the family dynamic from divorce, children, or spouse expectations

She guides her clients to gain clarity about what they want and confidence in who they are, so they become empowered to live the life of their dreams. Susan teaches Law of Attraction processes and practices which can be used daily to release the loss and to gain your desired outcome.
Susan can be reached via email:
or in the US at (248)249-2470

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