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Q: What is Emergency Coaching?
A: Emergency Coaching is designed to connect you to a Coach right now to realign your energy in an Emergency Situation allowing you to gain Immediate Confidence, Clarity and Solutions to problems. Emergency Coaching is also designed to Sooth the Emotions and Emotional Body in times Conflict, Stress or Duress.

Q: Can I contact an ASAP Coach for Non-Emergency outside Coaching?
A: Yes, Feel free to contact our certified Coaches for outside coaching. Each Coach has their own unique area of specialization, programs and offers. Contact the Coach of your choice by following the attached links below their profile.

Q: Is coaching like therapy?
A: We are not therapists. We do not offer advice. What we offer is powerful processes and ask powerful questions that allow you to accesses the highest truths and the highest version of your confident, beautiful and all-knowing self that resides within.

Q: What is The Law of Attraction and how is it used in coaching?
A: The Law of Attraction states, “That which is like unto its self is drawn”. As Law of Attraction Coaches we focus on elevating the clients thought process from that of lack, anxiety or any of the lower level emotions to higher level emotions such as positive expectation, joy, love and abundance. As we learn deliberate awareness of our emotional state we become empowered to begin bringing into our life all of our true desires. We learn to build and ride the wave of momentum. The better it gets the better it gets.

Q: What can I expect in a session?
A: A typical session with your Coach lasts about an hour. Your Coach will check in with how you are feeling and what is behind it. We will work together to come up with what it is you want to do, how you want to feel and where you will put your focus. From there we will decide what the outcome will look like and go into a process. Processes vary from coach to coach. Examples are: NLP, EFT, Visualized Meditation, Reiki, Abundance Technique, Clarity through Contrast, Light Body and many more.

We Are The "Emergency Response Team" Of Coaching. Certified Law of Attraction Coaches offering Safe, Confidential and Caring Coaching to Shift your Perspective and Enhance your Life.