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Ardath Michael 

Coaching has changed my life in powerful ways

I’m so excited to share this! My dear friend and LOA life coach Ardath Michael is part of a dynamite coaching group called ASAP Coaching. For ANYONE who has considered being coached, I recommend it, and Ardath specifically,without reservation. Indeed, with enthusiasm for what I know will be a blessing that will change your life in powerful ways. A year ago I was starting over in my mid thirties. A first time mom, getting divorced, starting a new career after having some health issues, and recently moving. I looked around at my life and didn’t recognize much of anything. Coaching has helped me connect with my own inner guidance, inner strength, inner peace. It’s given me courage and happiness, hopefulness and appreciation of where I am as well as where I’m going. Coaching applies in every area of your life! Whatever you may be challenged with, I deeply believe that coaching can help, quickly and profoundly. Go ahead. Give it a try.

 ~Lisa Meacham-Antuna ~

Linda Vaudeville

I had a brilliant day with Linda in her VIP Money Breakthrough session. It was great, powerful and shifted some energy. Linda intuitively got to the core of my financial blocks and worked with me in powerful ways to re-set my relationship with money. She helped me connect with my value, be more confident in acknowledging my skills and expertise, own that they are worth being paid for, and define the action steps I need to take next. Coaching with Linda left me feeling clearer and more empowered ~ it was time very well spent. Thanks Linda, for shining some light where I didn’t know to look! Good work coach!!

Love, blessings and appreciation to you,
B. Roberts, Scotland xx

Linda Vaudeville

… I was literally at the bottom of the barrel, emotionally and physically. Linda has been able to help me bounce back and land on my own two feet within two months with her extraordinary powerful and positive energy and skills. And believe me, I was very sceptical. But today, I am well again physically and mentally. And besides, I now have a toolkit filled with processes and techniques that I can refer back to for help when needed in the future. Thank you Linda!

Sandy Lebrun
Montreal, Canada

Jason Richardson

Jason is a very intuitive and spectacular coach that brought my issues; I was unaware of, to light. He guided me through a brainstorming exercise and helped me make a game plan to walk through the issues to bring my goals to fruition. Jason goes above and beyond the norm as he provides meditations that are phenomenal and extra care as needed. I highly recommend Jason as your coach; you will be astonished at your growth.

Sharon Beck

Lilly W Rodriguez

Coaching with Lilly was the greatest decision I have made for myself. Lilly’s energy and presence during our calls was incredible, she made me feel safe and powerful. Safe to say and feel anything because she always helped me find the love in any situation. Powerful because she would take notice of the things I had already done, while I was seeing things in a not so positive way. Since coaching with Lilly I have found my voice and realized what I truly love to do. She helped me to give myself permission to be ME and LOVE me! The best thing she taught me was to have FUN and remember my own magic. Her playful energy brought back the spark and inspiration in my life. If you are truly ready to see big results and change with a powerful punch of magic, then you have come to the right place!! Thank you Lilly!!!!!

Jennifer Morales

Roger Dawson

Exceptional, amazing, fantastic, these are some of the words that come to mind when I think about Roger’s incredible coaching abilities. He helped me to realize the limitations I was placing on myself through his insightful, powerful questions. Through my work with him I opened to realizations and insights into who I am and what I really want. The energy he brings to our sessions is supportive and loving with the right amount of challenging put in there to help me find the right path. He has shown me how to soar both energetically and in my ability to dream about the heights I can reach. I can’t thank him enough for choosing to be a coach and I thank source for bringing us together.
Looking forward to our call tomorrow night,
Sending you love and light


Ardath Michael

The best decision of my life

I remember agonizing over trying to make that first phone call to keep the appointment I had made online to get some professional life coaching. I picked up that phone so many times to cancel it. It felt so hard to step out of my litter box and accept the help I had been offered. But my once comfort zone had become anything but comfortable. I had lost my job and was still wondering if I made the right decision retiring from my successful career as a NASCAR driver. I was losing sleep, physically out of shape, in a lot of pain physically, emotionally and spiritually, feeling stuck and depressed. Reaching for the phone once again I made what turned out to be the best decision of my my life. I found Ardath Michael and I began an awesome journey of immediate positive life changing results through her weekly coaching sessions with me. Today I am truly a happy, healthy man who is excited to be actively allowing all my dreams to come true. I no longer indulge in pity parties. I am celebrating abundant opportunities opening to me in creating my own business: helping others learn to become awesome professional race car competitors, and I owe it to being coached by Ardath.
Tucson, Arizona

A true beacon of light to everyone that meets her
“Aloha” Ardath Michael, a dear friend and Law of Attraction Life Coach is a beautiful, loving, caring soul with a depth of spiritual insight and awareness that is truly healing and encouraging. When we met many years ago we became instant friends. She is a spiritual sister and a true beacon of light to everyone that meets her. She brings to the moment a bouquet of love and joy and is an inspiration to everyone. I have a deep love and appreciation for our friendship and her amazing heart-centered coaching skills.

David Strauss, Best Selling Author and Inspirational Speaker

One of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Wow! I think that these words sums up my wonderful experience with Ardath Michael! There is a very interesting story as to how Ardath and I crossed paths and too lengthy to go into here.The Universe decided that we should meet and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Ardath has helped me work through so many of my deep seated issues from childhood and adulthood. Ardath has such an amazing way of looking at the world and this wonderful life that I had never experienced before. She is so positive, loving, caring and kind. Ardath has brought me out of the depths of depression, self-loathing, self-denial and guilt.

I am very grateful for Ardath and all that she does to bring peace, beauty and joy to this troubled world.Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear lady!

Laura Killins
Austin, Texas

With coaching from Ardath I am now showing my petals.

“I want to let you know that I am so grateful for all that you have shared with me! You are indeed an angel sent to me. It’s been a journey of quite a bit of challenges, transformation and testing for me in every aspect of my life.

I am so thankful to you for wanting to be a light force in my life. I thank you for all of your encouraging words, your energetic voice that comes thru the phone, thank you for believing in me when I have had a hard time believing in myself. I feel like that little plant trying to break thru the surface of cement these days. But I know it is the light that beams down on me making me grow, grow, grow ever so strong. I thank you for stopping in the midst of your life on that sidewalk and noticing the green life that was trying to break free from the cement. I thank you for watering me with encouraging words and believing that I could actually break thru the cement and bloom into a beautiful flower. With coaching from you, Ardath I am now showing my petals.”

Miss T

Karl Gruber
“I am very grateful to Karl for helping me to have a break through! The coaching sessions I’ve had with him have been pivotal in bringing me to a place of optimism and confidence about achieving my goals! He is a very compassionate guide who teaches with clarity and simplicity how to stay focused on on the positive thoughts that bring about success.”
– Grace Garneau, Laguna Beach, CA.
“The opportunity to work with Karl Gruber as a life coach has had a significant impact for me. With Karl’s guidance, I could directly and practically apply all the theory and techniques in my own life and to my specific situations. It becomes so much easier to see the wins in all aspects of my life and to understand how I can create those consistently and consciously.”
– Elaine Vanier, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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