Paul Michael Daigle

Paul Michael Daigle

Paul Michael Daigle
Business and Lifestyle Strategist and Trusted Advisor


A father to six children and a corporate executive of more than 15 years, Paul Daigle of™, blends his practical experience with his QSCA coaching certification to provide more than an excellent accountability partner.

The value of coaching in Paul’s life has had such a profound impact on his relationships, finances, family, and business that he enthusiastically supports others ready to reach beyond what was thought possible.

To help in this process, he authored the exclusive guide,”The Secret to Great Results: Raise Your Game in Business AND Parenting … At the SAME Time!” and created the interactive eCourse, “The Guided Journal For Expanding Your Comfort Zone”.  He has traveled to over 40 different countries, has served on the Board of Directors at Rebuilding Together for 7 years, and is an authorized instructor of Christy Whitman’s course, “The Art of Having It All”.

Paul specializes in helping executives, who are also parents create powerful careers and delightful family lives; at the same time.

These executives feel swamped in information, interruption, and scattered thoughts; with no clear way to stay on top of it all. . . And, it didn’t use to be that way. Their pleasurable, past motivation of “looking good” is no longer effective.

Paul’s clients appreciate his ability to identify blind spots, foresee challenges, and reveal effective options for obtaining their desired results both at home and at work.

Paul will help you gain control of your day despite all the urgency calling for your attention and feel calmer even when your child (or boss) is having a temper tantrum!

Visit Paul’s LinkedIn profile to read actual identities and full versions of what people are saying about working with Paul. Condensed examples include the following:

One of his clients wrote,

“For a long while I had been struggling in the rat race with the 9 am to 7, 8, or 9 pm job and not enjoying life. Paul teased out of me the goals and objectives that mattered most to me: family, friends, and community! Then he helped guide me through meaningful, purposeful activities, to set goals, to envision a different future, in which those priorities were the focus of my life.”

Another person wrote,

“Paul’s drive and professionalism have impressed and motivated me. He finds creative solutions to difficult business problems, and does so in a way that everyone comes out a winner.”

Another wrote,

“I really liked Paul’s coaching style which I would categorize as laid back, but in control. Laid back in the sense that it seemed like we were having a conversation rather than [my perception of] a coaching session, and in control as I always left the call with a new revelation or insight.”

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